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Gif screen recording

Android Development

Lets say you want to quickly make a short demo of Android application that can be easy embedded into web pages like git, confluence and any other content supporting gif animations. It is dead simple and faster compared with setting up video content. Take a note that the compression shouldn’t be your goal here because mp4 uses better algorithms to decrease the amount of information needed to display a sequence of images.

20 Sep 2016 #android

Format TextView content with HTML tags

Android Development

In most of the times, for displaying few lines of plain old text in Android application the TextView widget will be sufficient. What if you want to add a bit of text formatting to it? For example wrapping lines, making words bold or underlined, even adding some links to it. It can be accomplished by providing HTML code to the TextView widget as text source. Saving HTML code in Android app for reuse.

11 Mar 2016 #HTML #Android #TextView

Strip Android application with ProGuard

Android Development

ProGuard - Magic dieting pill for your app As stated in previous blog post Android Multidex tool has some limitations. I found another solution for the same problem: ProGuard can detect unused classes, methods, fields and attributes as end result the bytecode is optimized. Then it renames remaining elements what makes the reverse ingeneering a bit tougher. This is far better solution for overcoming reference count. Configure the Gradle settings for your app to run ProGuard with minifyEnabled set to true.

28 Sep 2015 #ProGuard #Android #Java #Gradle