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Java Gradle project with quality gates


Implement JaCoCo code coverage and SonarLint quality gates in test stage. Without using servers or 3rd party cloud solutions.

10 May 2020 #Gradle #Build tool

Gradle build tool


Straightening the learning curve from Maven migration. Will look at Gradle Wrapper and dependency resolution

12 Mar 2019 #Gradle #Build tool

Strip Android application with ProGuard

Android Development

ProGuard - Magic dieting pill for your app As stated in previous blog post Android Multidex tool has some limitations. I found another solution for the same problem: ProGuard can detect unused classes, methods, fields and attributes as end result the bytecode is optimized. Then it renames remaining elements what makes the reverse ingeneering a bit tougher. This is far better solution for overcoming reference count. Configure the Gradle settings for your app to run ProGuard with minifyEnabled set to true.

28 Sep 2015 #ProGuard #Android #Java #Gradle