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Android Development

Running Scala in Android app Because Scala language has powerful features for collection processing, Optionals support, pattern matching, type inference, I wanted to try out how mature is support with Android development… More about that maybe next time.To mention I am using the Android Studio with Gradle. Before I even got into it, I quickly run into two problems at setting up the project. The first one is that compiling time is now 3 times longer.

26 Sep 2015 #Multidex #Android #Gradle

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Web Development

What is the best way to create a blog. The tool for building it, should be simple as possible and use latest technology. The content will not change too often and it won’t be customizable for special user groups. Like in old days I can use static pages. From personal experiences I would like to avoid to use bloated Joomla or WordPress installation. Also there is no need to use additional server resources (RAM, CPU) even the database becomes obsolete which adds to responsiveness.

20 Aug 2015 #Hugo #Gradle #static web page