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Lombok, Code Obfuscator


Avoid using lombok in core domain or entity classes. It might make sense to use it if your project is just a simple API Gateway or Backend for frontend type of project.

1 May 2023 #Java #Lombok

Spring Task Scheduling


Different approaches of task scheduling in Spring framework. It can be as easy as annotating methods. The default configuration can introduce some issues in the case we have multiple methods annotated and some of them contain long running computations. This can be tackled in multiple ways. But we have the most flexibility and controll with the usage of the Spring TaskSchedulers.

12 Oct 2018 #Spring #Java

Formatting dates in java


Short summary with examples about formatting dates in Java 7 and 8. I decided to wrote it down as I found inconsistency of differend types of formatters used and misunderstanding of formatter patterns.

6 Jul 2018 #Java #Date