Renato Ivancic - Software Engineer

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Hello, I'm Renato

I build clean, performant and well taught applications and tools, from first design kick-off till maintenance in production.

With 10 years of hands down experience, my main focus at this time is developing back-end systems (microservices, monoliths, integrations, core libraries, customized build tools - Gradle ) in banking / financial sector. I strive to maintain high quality code that solves real world issues in an extensible architecture. I am fortunate to work in team that is enthusiastic and follows the same vision. I'm eager to learn, explore, question and guide my team with acquired knowledge.

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My Posts

Lombok, Code Obfuscator


Avoid using lombok in core domain or entity classes. It might make sense to use it if your project is just a simple API Gateway or Backend for frontend type of project.

1 May 2023 #Java #Lombok

AsyncAPI Generator Gradle Plugin


Gradle Plugin for generating AsyncAPI code out of specification files. You won't need to care about node or npm installation.

24 Sep 2022 #Gradle #AsyncAPI #Plugin

Gradle Properties


Print all gradle properties, extra, project, system and Gradle JVM

1 Jun 2022 #Gradle #Build tool #Gradle Properties