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Jenkins hints


The leading open source automation server, Jenkins provides hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying and automating any project. Isolated environment variables I needed to set environment specific variables for the job. They can not be saved in the pipeline script itself which is in git repository, because it is executed from multiple different Jenkins servers. Every one of the them needs to set different variables. Also the global environmental variables of the Jenkins itself are not an option, because variables that I need are specific for just one job inside server.

29 Aug 2017 #jenkins

Wordpress hints

Web Development

Duplicate wordpress page There is no native support for this functionality. Here is plugin to do that for you:

19 Aug 2017 #wordpress

Gif screen recording

Android Development

Lets say you want to quickly make a short demo of Android application that can be easy embedded into web pages like git, confluence and any other content supporting gif animations. It is dead simple and faster compared with setting up video content. Take a note that the compression shouldn’t be your goal here because mp4 uses better algorithms to decrease the amount of information needed to display a sequence of images.

20 Sep 2016 #android