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Formatting dates in java


Short summary with examples about formatting dates in Java 7 and 8. I decided to wrote it down as I found inconsistency of differend types of formatters used and misunderstanding of formatter patterns.

6 Jul 2018 #Java #Date

Swagger code generation


API An API is Only as Good as Its Documentation. With a lot of web services emerging, the need to have clear API documentation for adopting these services became clear. API documentation is the information that is required to successfully consume and integrate with an API. Concise and clear documentation — which allows your API consumers to adopt it into their application quickly — is no longer optional for organizations that want to drive adoption of their APIs.

14 Apr 2018 #Swagger #Maven #Code generation #API

Jenkins hints


The leading open source automation server, Jenkins provides hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying and automating any project. Isolated environment variables I needed to set environment specific variables for the job. They can not be saved in the pipeline script itself which is in git repository, because it is executed from multiple different Jenkins servers. Every one of the them needs to set different variables. Also the global environmental variables of the Jenkins itself are not an option, because variables that I need are specific for just one job inside server.

29 Aug 2017 #jenkins